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How the CIA Founded and Funded Google

How the CIA Founded and Funded Google

In a ground breaking investigation into the origins of Google, Dr Nafeez Ahmed uncovered the deep and vast tentacles of symbiosis among Google, CIA, and the Military Industrial Complex. Indeed Google is the Frankenstein of the CIA.

In a ground breaking investigation into the origins of Google, Dr Nafeez Ahmed uncovered the deep and vast tentacles of symbiosis among Google, CIA, and the Military Industrial Complex. Indeed Google is the Frankenstein of the CIA.

Although these relationships should have been inferred from the revelations of Edward Snowden as well as by the very nature of the MIC, it is still quite a shock to ordinary people who are incapable of conceiving of conspiracy - especially from the company whose motto is Do no evil - that they have a relationship with their enemy. What Google does not tell you is that while they command against doing evil, they say nothing about being evil.

Google’s foundations go back to the early 1990s when 2 Stanford University computer science doctoral students began research on Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS) whose name is reasonably self-explanatory. The two students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, would help found Google in 1998 with help of Department of Defense, CIA, and shadowy firm knows as Highlands Forum.

Although the CIA did not technically fund all of the research of Brin and Page, it, DARPA, and a few other organizations whom we shall mention shortly, collaborated in providing the logistics and supervision for the two computer science students.

The work of Brin and Page focused on the search and retrieval of information in large, complex, and unstructured sources which became the basis of the Google search engine. While researching these topics at Stanford, the two students reported directly to Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham and Dr. Rick Steinheiser both of whom were and are intimately related to US intelligence and espionage. In fact Thuraisingham is executive director of the Cyber Security Research Institute at the University of Texas, Dallas, an institution with long and deep ties to US espionage, including the murder of President Kennedy as we will describe in a future article.

From 1993-99 Thuraisingham managed MDDS programs at the MITRE, another spook infested intelligence front, during which time she held numerous high level research and management positions at NSA, CIA, US Air Force Research Laboratory, the US Army’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) and Communications and Electronic Command (CECOM).

CIA operative Jeffrey Ullman was the financing conduit for Brin’s and Page’s research at Stanford. As noted already, money found its way to the 2 student through other financing streams. The primary sponsors of the MDDS program were CIA and NSA – not great surprises to those cognizant of these agencies' pre-occupations with controlling societies through “cognitive infiltration.”

Behind CIA and NSA were other dark forces coordinated by an organization called Highlands Forum – a very secretive and subversive organization operating outside the strictures of the Federal Advisory Committee Act which forbids private entities advising the government in private. FACA falls under the umbrella term Sunshine Laws, something from which Highlands Forum is exempt by its own decree and circumnavigation of US law.

Highlands Forum acts as a broker of resources – funding, talent, management – for people and groups serving the elites' paranoid determination to make war on Americans who are “not one of us.”

Companies with whom Highlands Forum has extremely close working relationships are SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton, RAND Corp., Cisco, Human Genome Sciences, eBay, PayPal, IBM, Google, Microsoft, AT&T, the BBC, Disney, General Electric, Enron just to skim the surface. At the very least, these companies supply technology and data to the US government and its many 3d party clients used to circumvent US privacy laws.

The glue among these groups is the religion of terrorism – the phantom boogeyman created by the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, Royal Institute of International Affairs, British Monarchy, Department of Defense and other organizations with psychopathic and paranoid behaviors.

As we have explained and documented time and again, nearly all terrorism is a product of CIA, Mossad, and other allied terror cells operating under the guise of legitimate defense or intelligence organization of so-called sovereign states.

The number of false flag events produced by intelligence agencies is staggering going back to the murder of Abraham Lincoln. The MIC is a who’s who of plutocrats who have commissioned violent acts to advance their controls over society. The sinking of the Maine, World War 1, World War 2, King David Hotel, Vietnam, Six Day War, Hostage Crisis, 9/11, ISIS, Al Qaeda, al Nusra, Ukraine, Charlie Hebdo and so many more events have been carefully orchestrated to justify to fooled and foolish people that ever more control over society is required to protect it from villains.

Orkin has been sued many times for bringing bugs to a customer’s house in order to scare him into buying their extermination services. It is no different with the US government and its psychopathic police state apparatus.

Many of the people serving the Mammon of War in academia may well be deceived about the masters whom they serve; many are fully complicit.

Before closing it is imperative to note that there is nothing wrong with computer and information sciences. The fruits of its research can truly be a blessing to society, but in the hands of psychopaths they are the chains which enslave. Computer science no more kills than guns. Yet the very people demanding the total Orwellian police state, the people described in this article, are the ones demanding the disarming of American citizens because somehow guns – rather than people – kill.

There is, of course, nothing sinister about a search engine. However it can be used to murder and cause world wars as the Google Ideas Group attempted in Syria with the recommendation that Turkey use Sarin gas on Syrians in order to blame it on the Assad government; a development which was conceived to incite World War 3 with the Russians. Another example of a Google idea was the assassination of Iranian scientists in 2010.

Neither Syria nor Iran is a threat to their people or civilization, but the psychopaths at Google, CIA, Mossad, and the British Monarchy most certainly are.

This article barely skims the information reported by Dr Ahmed. We will return for more details and perspectives of the infestation of American life by the international plutocrat “intelligence” agencies.

In the meantime, kick the Google habit - it saves lives.


Nafeez Ahmed, How the CIA Made Google, Veterans Today, August 27, 2015, accessed 8/28/2015

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