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The Murder of Jane Stanford

The Murder of Jane Stanford

In addition to being the home of one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher education, Stanford University is also the site of a multigenerational murder and cover-up of its co-founder Jane Stanford. The university to this day insists that Stanford died of heart failure even though the legal evidence indicates otherwise.


In addition to being the home of one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher education, Stanford University is also the site of a multigenerational murder and cover-up of its co-founder Jane Stanford. The university to this day insists that Stanford died of heart failure even though the legal evidence indicates otherwise.

Jane Stanford (1828-1905) co-founded, with her husband Leland , Stanford University in 1885. After his death in 1893, she held controlling interest in the university. In the years leading up to her death, she became the target of a cabal consisting of the most powerful men in the United States, including Theodore Roosevelt, John Rockefeller, Darius Ogden Mills, Edward Harriman, Whitelaw Reid, and last but certainly not least, David Starr Jordan, to name just the most prominent. Each of these men held various motives for murdering the widow Stanford.

We must confess that the murder of Jane Stanford competes favorably as the mother of all conspiracies. Its tentacles reach deeply into the American state and history. It is almost impossible to understand US history of the 20th century without understanding the motives for her murder. We also would add that the plot behind her murder is far more engrossing than the wildest Hollywood whodunit.

The researchers responsible for bringing this story to the public’s attention are the late Dr Robert Cutler, a neurosurgeon at Stanford University, and Steven Requa, a geologist and alumnus of Stanford.

Jane had been the victim of 2 poisoning attempts in 1905, each at the hand of her personal secretary Bertha Berner. The attempt in San Francisco obviously failed, but succeeded in Honolulu when Berner provided the appropriate dosage of strychnine. To understand why Berner murdered her employer, we have to step back to understand her relationship to the aforementioned cabal.

David Starr Jordan (1851-1931) was Stanford’s first president, but came into conflict with Stanford in the months leading up to her murder. Berther was also Jordan’s mistress, and was thus perfectly situated to act as Jordan’s assassin.

Part of the fissure in Jordan’s relationship with Stanford stemmed from a brewing sex scandal at the school pitting a Stanford crony against a Jordan crony. Relatively recent research unearthed a scandal involving a certain Professor Gilbert who was having an affair with a library girl which another professor, Julius Goebel, was reporting to Jane. Because Jordan was covering up the growing scandal, Stanford resolved to fire Jordan, but Jordan got to her first.

While Stanford survived the first murder attempt, she succumbed to the second while travelling in Hawaii. The official coroner’s inquest determined that she died of strychnine poisoning, and thus was murdered. Jordan had not only plotted the assassination, worked out the methods for controlling the police and the press, not the least of which tool was bribery.

Immediately after the news of her death, Jordan declared without a shred of evidence, and in the face of the official coroner’s findings, that Stanford had died of heart disease. He claimed that Stanford University had performed an autopsy when it was impossible for it to have done so since the organs were liquefied at the only inquest and thus were not available for re-examination at the school.

Jordan’s public announcements were not the only lies he spread. Rather than provide any evidence for heart failure, the school president viciously attacked the doctors who performed the autopsy, declaring that they were incompetent. How the ichthyologist  was able to assess their qualifications is yet to be determined, but it is known that Jordan bribed a doctor to support the cardiac theory (lie), who later died destitute in San Francisco after forsaking his medical practice to speculate in various business ventures.

The sex scandal and his imminent dismissal by Stanford do not exhaust Jordan’s motives for murdering Jane. Requa develops other intrigues which propelled Jordan to murder Jane Stanford. As a rabid eugenicist who only liked white people, particularly those with money and power, Jordan joined with other like minded people such as Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Harriman, Milles, Reid, and others to capture Stanford as a springboard for their various quack theories to justify sterilization laws which were advocated strenuously by Theodore Roosevelt, and which the GOP eventually succeeded passing in 27 states.

In order to provide the “intellectual” basis for eugenics, these men needed a prestigious university to publish “scientific” papers justifying the idea, something Starr did with great frequency through Stanford University.

Theodore Roosevelt provided the political power to drive eugenics, and also to give co-conspirator Whitelaw Reid an escape, when the murder allegations started to bubble to the surface during the probate of Stanford’s estate, by appointing him ambassador to the United Kingdom.

While hobnobbing with the white supremacist British aristocracy, Reid worked with the Rothschilds to formulate the legislation for the Federal Reserve Act which Woodrow Wilson signed in 1913 under legal but unethical circumstances. Roosevelt was paid a handsome 100 million dollar fee for entering the 1912 presidential race in order to deprive Taft the opportunity of winning, even though the president was quite popular. Wilson had previously agreed to the Federal Reserve system, dutifully signing it in December.

The bribe was funneled through foundation grants to non-profits controlled by Roosevelt or his cronies. One such front was the Eugenics Record Office built on the estate of the Dulles brothers, one of whom, Allen, was to become head of the plutocrats’ CIA which was highly instrumental in the murder of John Kennedy.

Our synopsis of the Stanford murder simply picks up a few snowflakes off the glacier of crime and murder uncovered by Requa and Cutler, and our dear reader, wishing to better understand the secret state and the corruption through which they rule, is advised to read in full the Requa materials on this subject and his ongoing battle with Stanford to tell the truth about the murder.

Like the CIA which controls Stanford University, the school administrators adamantly – if not viciously – continue to peddle the lie that Stanford was not murdered by its first president. The behavior is criminal given the irrefutable evidence – a competent official inquest – stating the cause of death to be strychnine poisoning.


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