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The Patsification of Jack Ruby

The Patsification of Jack Ruby

Proving that the murder of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza is the horror which keeps on giving, dean of JFK research Jim Fetzer introduced the findings of 2 researchers who have persuasively argued that famed mobster Jack Ruby did not murder Lee Oswald.

Proving that the murder of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza is the horror which keeps on giving, dean of JFK research Jim Fetzer introduced the findings of 2 researchers who have persuasively argued that famed mobster Jack Ruby did not murder Lee Oswald.

The American researcher is Ralph Cinque who wrote the ground-breaking story that Lee Oswald was on the stair landing of the Texas School Book Depository at the time that Permindex and CIA were murdering the President. Thus Oswald could not possibly have been the 6th floor shooter.

Cinque's most recent work stems from findings by Russian researcher Mazsim Irkutz who noticed that Jack Ruby has never been positively identified in the videos documenting the shooting of Oswald. Indeed it is entirely possible that Oswald’s assailant did not fire a bullet at Oswald in the sequence broadcast on national television the morning of November 24, 1963.

The case against Ruby is slender to none. In fact Ruby himself claimed before the Rockefeller run Warren Commission that he could not recall the events immediately prior to and following the shooting.

The researchers note that with the cameras and video men at the highly publicized transfer of Oswald from the city jail, absolutely no images were made showing Ruby as the shooter. Although there are images of the shooter, they are most emphatically not those of Ruby.

More specifically, the haircut, height, and ears of the shooter do not match those of Ruby. If Ruby was not the shooter, then who was? Fortunately Cinque provides the answer in the person of FBI agent James Bookhout (1914-2009). There are no known photographs of Bookhout after 11/24/1963.

Bookhout's obituary claimed that he graduated from Southern Methodist University Law School in 1937, then served as an FBI agent from 1942-77. Cinque reported that Bookhout was on paid leave of absence for a year following his shooting of Oswald. We suspect that the hiatus was a reward for a job well done, and to keep him out of the spotlight while the fraudulent Warren Commission fabricated its 26 volumes of bilge.

Bookhout and Oswald knew each other, a fact caught on camera as the latter was led down the hallway of the criminal Dallas Police Department for questioning in Captain Will Fritz's office. Oswald and Bookhout had a very brief exchange in which Oswald asked "What do you have against [me]?"

One item Bookhout had against Oswald was that he and his bosses at FBI, including Hoover, were afraid that Oswald would reveal too much about the murder and murderers of Kennedy. The murderers also needed a patsy for the crime.

Additional indications that Bookhout was Oswald's assailant include the deliberate misidentification of Bookhout in the very few known photographs of him, photographic alterations of him, and his constant attachment to Oswald at the Dallas Police Department from the time of Oswald's bogus arrest until his demise. Thus the Dallas Police Department and FBI conspired to murder Oswald just as they did Kennedy.

The setup of Ruby required that he go to the Western Union office to mail one of his strippers 25 dollars for back pay, which was to occur at 10a on Sunday 11/24/1963. Ruby ran behind schedule which necessitated a delay in the transfer of Oswald from the City jail to the county jail. Apparently Ruby was asked to meet someone at the police department leaving Western Union where he entered via a ramp leading down to where Oswald was brought out.

As soon as he got to the place where Oswald would later be escorted, police immediately pounced on Ruby, bringing him to ground. He was hand-cuffed, arrested, and charged with the murder of Lee Oswald, who was still very much alive and awaiting his transfer to a new jail.

One very interesting detail demonstrating that Ruby was setup is that he brought his dog with him on his errand. Ruby so loved this dog that he called her his wife at times. Had Ruby planned to murder Oswald, he most assuredly would not have brought along his dog who would be abandoned after the crime.

With Ruby out of the way, the DPD and FBI could proceed to bring Oswald to the public for execution. The setup for the murder was highly staged by NBC News and the Jew Fred Rheinstein who would go on to establish very successful post-production companies.

At around 11:20, James Leavelle, attired in a very light colored suit and hat, accompanied Oswald out of the police building into the parking garage where he was met by Bookhout who shot at Oswald. Cinque does not believe that Bookhout fired a live round at Oswald, although it is unclear what would have caused Oswald to drop to the ground. Our suspicion is that Oswald was administered a tranquilizer.

The main reason for believing that Bookhout did not actually fire a bullet at Oswald is due to the absence of blood at the site of the shooting. Oswald’s clothes show no blood, nor is there any on the ground where Oswald fell, nor any blood spatter on Leavelle.

After shooting Oswald, Bookhout lunged into the attending police and FBI, where someone quickly placed a paper bag over his head and then escorted him into the police building. He was not subdued, hand-cuffed or in any way arrested for his actions because the official story is that Jack Ruby shot Oswald.

Oswald is also brought into the police building. At one point, a recording from a police agent is heard asking about the location of Oswald – no one knew where he was. At this point Cinque suggested that Oswald was taken into a room at the DPD to be carefully shot so that he was guaranteed to die.

An ambulance soon arrived to take Oswald to Parkland Memorial Hospital, and was accompanied by police, including James Leavelle who rode in the patient cabin, and not in the back seat as reported by the first aid medic.
At Parkland, Dr Shires, head of surgery, led 3 other doctors, including Dr Jones, Dr McClelland, and Dr Perry, in life saving operations on Oswald. Doctors Fetzer and Cinque both agreed that these doctors’ integrities were beyond reproach.

During the press conference given by Dr Shires immediately upon the death of Oswald, he stated that Oswald’s blood pressure was zero, his eyes did not respond to light, and that his chances of survival were little to none.

There is a myth stating that Lyndon Johnson called Dr Crenshaw during the operation to take him away from surgery on Oswald in order to allow an intelligence spook to kill Oswald because Crenshaw alleged that his patient was savable. There are no facts or evidence to support this pernicious myth, and the known facts completely contradict it, including that Crenshaw did NOT operate on Oswald.

These recent revelations by Irkutz, Cinque, and Fetzer are seismic cataclysms in the JFK story. We now know that both Oswald and Ruby were innocent of their alleged murders, and we may need to recant of our speculation that Ruby was involved in the murder of J D Tippit.

The article referenced below elaborate the reasoning for the conclusions reported here, but normally do not provide URL links because they are so wont to disappear.

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By Ira Jefferson "Jack" Beers Jr. (1910-2009) for The Dallas Morning News (Life time: Originated from the Warren Commission report, a US Government report. From WH Vol.21 p.19) - Original publication: Photograph by Jack Beers Jr., Dallas Morning News photographer. Immediate source: Image can be found at http://www.history-matters.com/archive/archive_holdings.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24337909

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