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Chronicle Redux: The Tippit Case Solved

Chronicle Redux: The Tippit Case Solved

Although we dare not claim that our list of witnesses to the Tippit murder is complete by any means, it does reveal that the murder of the Dallas Police Department officer was very well attested, and provides more than ample evidence to reconstruct the events surrounding the man’s murder.

Although we dare not claim that our list of witnesses to the Tippit murder is complete by any means, it does reveal that the murder of the Dallas Police Department officer was very well attested, and provides more than ample evidence to reconstruct the events surrounding the man’s murder.

Michael Brownlow has furnished many of the witness names, some of whom are exceptionally important, in a video testimonial he created July 6, 2015, and published on YouTube. Brownlow is a courageous and valuable researcher, but he holds very faulty ideas about the assassination of JD Tippit, namely that Lee Oswald murdered him. 

Before attempting to reconstruct the events, we will compile the list of witnesses, and some distinguishing characteristics about them in relation to their locations at the time of the murder. Some of the specific details in the table could be refined or corrected, but they are as accurate as we can make them at the present. Other researchers such as Joseph McBride have more detailed backgrounds for some of these witnesses.

In the list of below, we use the designation “Oswald” to mean Larry Crafard or LEE Harvey Oswald - not to be confused with the man famously and falsely accused of murdering Tippit.




Saw Tippit Shot


Acquilla Clemons

North side of Tenth St sitting on porch


Interviewed by Mark Lane. Disappeared after 1966 after Dallas Police warned her to keep her mouth shut

Helen Markham

Coming from 9th St and Jefferson


Gave confusing and faulty testimony to Warren Commission to save her life

Domingo Benavides

In pickup truck about a half block from the assassination


His brother Eddy was murdered in a case of mistaken identity. Police warned him and his father to keep their mouths shut

Mrs Ann McRavin

404 East Tenth


Interviewed by BBC

Jack Ray Tatum

Corner 10th and Patton


Witnessed 3 body shots and shot to head

Miss Laurie



On way to library saw “Oswald” headed West; said “Oswald” and Tippit spoke just a few seconds;  Heard 4 shots; Mentioned by Brownlow

Frank Wright

501 East Tenth, ground level apartment, ½ block east of murder site


His account is published on YouTube (written)

T F Bowley

In vehicle traveling west on 10th St


Used Tippit’s car radio to report Tippit dead

Ted Calloway

501 East Jefferson


Worked at used car dealership with Sam Guinyard

Bill Scoggins

In cab

No (?)

Cab driver; saw “Oswald” fleeing

Jimmy Burt (b. 1940) (or Burton)

On Tenth St


“Oswald” headed west; With Smith

William “Big Boy” Smith

On Tenth St


“Oswald” headed west; With Burt

Sam Guinyard

501 East Jefferson


Porter at car dealership with Ted Calloway

Doris Holan (d. 2000)

second-floor apartment at 409 East Tenth


In apartment overlooking murder; Man in dark blue jacket over 200 lbs came down driveway to Tippit’s body then waived off “Oswald”

Frank Samino

Lived next door to Doris Holan


Came out after hearing shots; saw shooter; heard “Oswald” say poor dumb cop

Davis Girls



One with baby in hand

Phillips Girls


No (?)

Saw “Oswald” talk to Tippit

Mexican woman



Reported stabbing of man at 10th and Marsalis to police Sgt

Eddie Kinsey; Floyd (?)

Denver and 10th


Brick siders; “Oswald” turned briefly to walk east

Julie (child)

Near Scoggins cab


Extremely hysterical when saw Tippit dead after hearing shots

Warren Reynolds

Used car lot


Saw gunman with gun flee turning right onto Jefferson (towards Texas Theater); Refused to identify shooter as Oswald

Captain W R Westbrook(Perpetrator)

323 10th St


The man in blue jacket who walked down driveway to confirm that Tippit was dead

The Tippit murder scene has been troubled by amateurs and Warren Commission shills who either insist that Oswald murdered Tippit, or who insist that all witnesses must agree perfectly on what they saw before we can reconstruct the crime. Both assertions are nonsensical.

One common fallacy evident in nearly all forums is the conclusion that various testimonies are unreliable because they do not match. The fallacy is the failure to account for timing and sequence. Events can occur simultaneously AND in sequence depending upon the number of actors. Put more simply, what have the blind men encountered? Some say an elephant.

If there is one dead body, and 2 men standing near it, we can only present possibilities. 1. The first man killed the victim 2. The second man killed the victim 3. Both men killed the victim 4. The victim killed himself 5. The victim died of endogenous causes. It is the job of the detective to ferret out the correct answer and explain why their smoking guns do not prove that they killed the victim.

Before we proceed we should explain that our original version of this article claimed that Larry Crafard was the Oswald look-alike who murdered Tippit. After considerable evaluation of John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee, Tippit's murderer may well have been LEE Harvey Oswald, a man who shared many identity documents and biography with Lee HARVEY Oswald, the man arrested for the murder. We are leaving the references to Crafard in the article, but please understand that LEE Oswald is as good a candidate, and possibly the correct selection.

The setup of the murder has Tippit heading east on 10th St in his police car with an assailant walking west. Tippit beckons the assailant to his car where the 2 men have a brief exchange of a few seconds during which the assailant leans against the car with his arms folded looking at the front passenger side.

The following graphic was published on LookBackPublications.com and may prove helpful in visualizing the crime scene.

Contrary to the city of Dallas’ landmark commemorating the death, Tippit was on the south side of 10th St and Lee Oswald was not the killer. The man we just described was Larry Crafard, a professional contract assassin used often by the CIA. When Tippit parked, he was angled toward the curb of the south side of 10th St and blocking the driveway between 404 and 410 East Tenth. Tippit got out of his car, but as he got to the front left tire, his assailant fired 3 shots. Some witnesses heard 4 which is correct. Tippit was shot 3 times in the chest and torso and once in the skull.

One of the main questions concerns the number of assailants. At a minimum, we know that there was one, but we can confidently know that there were at least 2 shooters, as well as others directing the murder as we shall soon see.

The basis for concluding that there were at least 2 shooters is the accumulative evidence of the witnesses. Aquilla Clemmons and Helen Markham both described a stocky white man with bushy hair, on the shorter side, at the crime scene. Other witnesses describe a man who looked like Lee Oswald wearing a white jacket and dark pants. Therefore we know that there were 2 shooters. This conclusion is the proper reconciliation of “conflicting” testimony.

As we have noted in other Chronicles, there was one Oswald double who was indeed the perpetrator at the Oswald scene. This double was so important that the Dallas Police Department suborned a false identification of Lee Oswald as the murderer from Helen Markham. While Mark Lane skewered her testimony in a 1964 debate, the idea of an Oswald impersonator was not yet developed or even understood at that early date. Markham did not see the Oswald imposter – instead she saw the stocky man.

One of the most important witnesses was Doris Holan who lived on the 2d floor apartment above where Tippit was shot. She saw a police car in the driveway between 404 and 410 East Tenth which Tippit blocked with his car. After the Oswald shooter left the body, a man in a blue coat walked down the driveway to Tippit’s body to ensure that he was dead. Once confirmed, he waived off the killer, and returned to the police car. This man’s name was Max A Long who lived in the next block on 10th St.

This police car more than likely was the same car which Earline Roberts saw slightly before 1p. The officer drove the Oswald doppelganger up the alley between 10th and Jefferson where he turned around at the end to begin his walk westward toward Tippit.

Brownlow interviewed the man who worked at the gas station near the rooming house where Crafard stayed from which he found out that Olson circled the block and then picked up Crafard at the bus stop.

Murray Jackson was the Dallas Police Department officer who directed Tippit to Oak Cliff because that was not even near his normal assignment. To place him in the ambush zone, dispatcher Jackson ordered him there, a transmission which we believe went over secure Collins Radio communications channels.

Based upon information provided by Mike Brownlow, we believe that Dallas Police officer Harry Olson was the driver of the police car seen by Mrs Roberts and who taxied Crafard to Tenth and Patton. Brownlow offers the possibility Crafard was taken to Marsalis and 10th - although Bronwlow by no means advocates our identification of the assailant as Crafard.

After further investigation of the players in the Tippit murder, we believe that we erred in identifying Harry Olson as the police officer in the driveway in the first version of this article. John Armstrong makes a compelling case that the 2 men in the police car were Captain W R Westbrook of the DPD was the man in blue jacket who verified that Tippit was dead and ordered the assassin to come back shoot Tippit in the head to make sure it was so.

Westbrook was the personnel officer for the DPD and would typically not be in civilian attire as he was the day of the Tippit murder. Armstrong also identifies his partner in crime as reserve police officer Sergeant Kenneth Coy. Westbrook is also man who planted the fake Oswald wallet at the scene of the crime in order to justify broadcasting the name of the suspect.

Tippit was undoubtedly told that a suspicious character was seen on Tenth St and that he (Tippit) and Westbrook would trap him. Westbrook's presence in the alley south of 10th St is the reason some have reported Oswald peering intently between houses. Westbrook then signaled Tippit to stop in front of the driveway.

Tippit called Crafard to his vehicle for questioning during which Tippit must have challenged him aggressively, after which he exited his vehicle and was shot in an ambush. Westbrook walked down the driveway to Tippit’s body to confirm that he was dead after which he waived off Crafard who headed down Patton to Jefferson where he turned right to head to the Texas Theater.

Westbrook was the decoy who drew Tippit to the site. Previously we had speculated that Johnnie Maxie Whitherspoon was the occasion for his visit to the neighborhood, but we are now certain that Westbrook was the setup man.

As we have reported recently, based upon Robert Morningstar’s research, Tippit, who bore a good resemblance to John Kennedy, was killed in order to have a body to fake the autopsy of Kennedy whose head was so badly destroyed that it could never support the lone gunman lunacy put forth by the perpetrators.

One of the reasons for the selection of the location was its close proximity to Dudley Funeral Home at 400 East Jefferson Boulevard which was at most 2 blocks away. The ambulance crew removed bullets as the body was taken to Methodist Hospital, where it remained about an hour before removal to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Another reason for this location is its closeness to Long’s house. His presence there would arouse no suspicion.

The other reason for the site selection is that it was plausibly close enough to the Texas Theater to give Crafard time to make his getaway, and to hideout in a dark theater.

The murder of JD Tippit was a highly sophisticated and well planned assault to furnish an autopsy proxy for a man who head was blown to bits. There may be other reasons as well, such as Tippit being privy to too much information, but the motive for the murder has been well established.

We also have more than enough witnesses to reconstruct the movements of the basic actors, and see that CIA, mobsters, and Dallas Police Department collaborated closely to murder one of their own.


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Copyright 2017 Tony Bonn


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