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The True Story of the Murder of Lee Oswald

The True Story of the Murder of Lee Oswald

Everything you know about the murder of Lee Oswald is a lie. There is not a single important element of the “official” story which is correct. We present the true story of how Lee Oswald was murdered on November 24, 1963 at the Dallas Police Department. It is a chilling and shocking story where Hollywood and Reality blend in a surreal pastiche of fakery and lies.

Everything you know about the murder of Lee Oswald is a lie. There is not a single important element of the “official” story which is correct. We present the true story of how Lee Oswald was murdered on November 24, 1963 at the Dallas Police Department. It is a chilling and shocking story where Hollywood and Reality blend in a surreal pastiche of fakery and lies.

Before proceeding with this story, we must render a salute to Dr Ralph Cinque who has performed original and seminal research into unearthing the truth. His contributions to solving the Kennedy murder are difficult to overstate.

The murder involved the collaboration of Dallas Police Department, CIA, FBI, Parkland Hospital, and NBC Television. It takes a village to murder a president; so there is no single entity which can take full credit for the infamous deed.

The “official” story, produced by the perpetrators, claims that Jack Ruby, the famous mobster and night club owner, went to the Dallas Police Department to avenge the death of President Kennedy, and to protect the honor of his wife Jacqueline, by shooting the alleged killer, Lee Oswald. There isn’t a lick of truth in this story.

We summarize the results of our previous Chronicles by recapitulating that Jack Ruby was lured to the DPD office and jail in downtown Dallas after stopping at the Western Union station to mail some money to one of his strippers. As soon as he entered the police station basement where the transfer of Oswald to the county jail was supposed to occur, he was nabbed by police and shoved to the ground under arrest. The arrest of Ruby occurred around 10:20 or so.

With Ruby out of the way, his impersonator could be positioned to shoot Oswald. Prior to the appearance of Oswald, Jew Fred Rheinstein of NBC rehearsed with the police officers the action which was to occur for the cameras. Rheinstein had a lucrative post production and special effects company after the murder of Oswald, a handsome payoff for his participation in it.

Having watched over 10 minutes of film captured prior to Oswald’s appearance by a local affiliate, it was shocking to see the rehearsal and set planning of Rheinstein. There were discussions about where to place lights, monitors, and cameras. Dr Cinque found a photo with chalk on the floor outlining where different officers were to stand.

After the director called for the set to go on standby, a car honked its horn for ready on the set, and then twice to begin action, specifically for the “assassin” to step in front of Oswald to shoot him. The sound of the gun fired was that of a blank – it was in no way a live 38 snubbed nose pistol as the establishment press claims.

Oswald gave an Oscar worthy performance by wincing in pain before dropping to the ground. But he did one other thing which gave away the fakery. He went up on his toes before dropping. This action would have been impossible if Oswald had been shot as the autopsy report indicated. Oswald was shot from the lower left side upward, causing the single bullet to sever his arteries and major organs, thus making any kind of twinkle toes actions impossible.

We also noted previously that FBI agent James Bookhout was the Ruby impersonator. Cinque noted that the stocky and short build of the alleged assassin matched that of Bookhout – not that of Ruby. After Bookhout fired at Oswald, he lunged towards the Dallas police who surrounded him in protection to pull him behind the doors of the police station. A bag was thrown over Bookhout’s head to further disguise him.

Oswald was also dragged into the police station, though he is not dead. We know that he was not shot because there is no blood. The Pulitzer prize winning photograph showing Bookhout shooting Oswald has been heavily doctored to disguise the fact that there is no blood. Oswald’s arms are positioned over his torso to obscure the lack of blood.

This photograph which does not appear in the film, is a classic work of film noire. Jim Leavelle, the detective who escorted Oswald to the waiting armored carrier, is wearing a bright tan suit in late November, a symbol of the Good Guys. Oswald is dressed in black, in part to cover the lack of blood, but also to symbolize the Bad Guy. The stark contrast between the two men is pure Hollywood.

Another reason we know that Oswald was not shot at this moment is because Leavelle would have never conceded to accompany Oswald as he did. There were too many opportunities for something to go wrong, putting Leavelle in the line of danger. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be that close to a skinny man who was supposedly shot at point blank range.

The news reporter, immediately after the shot is heard, reported quite calmly and matter-of-factly that Oswald had been shot. There was no examination of the scene to get details. He immediately turned to the camera to begin his insipid report of a “scuffle” in the background.

One final point proving that there was no shooting of Oswald is that the crime scene was immediately destroyed. Supposedly a man was murdered on national television, yet the area was trampled over like a walking park. No crime scene investigation for this murder.

So why the hoax? We accept Dr Cinque’s explanation that Oswald was told to go through the charade so that he could be taken out the back door so to speak. In other words, having been accused of murdering the president and J D Tippit, he would not be able to get out alive, and thus if his death were faked, he could leave the country until all of the furor died down.

With few options, Oswald went along with it. This is where Frank Sturgis comes in. Cinque unearthed an extraordinary picture from the time of the assassination of CIA hitman Frank Sturgis who was undoubtedly sent to Oswald to be his confidence man, make the offer, and get him out of jail. After all, both Sturgis and Oswald were CIA, and were managed by James Jesus Angleton. Thus Oswald trusted his fellow agent, having few alternatives.

What Oswald did not bargain for is that Sturgis was sent to murder him, a specialty of the Israeli mercenary soldier of fortune. Somewhere in the Dallas police station, Sturgis murdered Oswald. The ambulance was standing by which arrived in 4-5 minutes to carry away the nearly dead Oswald.

Parkland Memorial Hospital assistant administrator Steve Landregan slipped up in a very unguarded moment by admitting that he was warned by the administrator C J Price to expect a shooting victim that day. Lundregan realized his mistake and backpedaled fast enough give anyone vertigo.

Oswald arrived at the hospital at 11:32 CST, and was in surgery by 11:42a. There is a famous last picture of Oswald being pushed into the hospital on the gurney with his arm raised and fist tightly clinched in what was supposed to be interpreted as a sign of defiance. Oswald was stopped so that a photographer could take the very clear picture, even though he was supposed to rushed to emergency care. But CIA and Parkland had other plans – it was time for a photo opportunity for the alleged killer.

Oswald was practically dead. There was no way he could lift his arm let alone make a tight fist. Cinque discovered that a clinched fist had been “photoshopped” onto Oswald’s hand which the ambulance driver was holding while the photograph was taken.

Dr Tom Shires, head surgeon, provided a statement after Oswald died that he received his patient in near death state, having no pulse, blood pressure, and barely breathing. Thus the claim that Oswald was alive and in a viable state is a monstrous myth. There are nonsensical stories that Lyndon Johnson called the operating room to take Dr Crenshaw out of surgery so that a CIA goon could finish off Oswald.

Dr Shires enumerated the other 3 doctors besides himself who operated on Oswald, a team which included Dr Perry, Dr McClelland, and Dr Jones. There is absolutely no way that they would take a call from Johnson, or that Johnson would even call. There is enough conspiracy going around without introducing a scene from theater of the absurd.

Thus 5 major groups participated in the murder of Oswald – FBI’s James Bookhout, CIA’s Frank Sturgis and James Angleton, the Dallas Police Department with special roles for James Leavelle and Captain Will Fritz, and C J Price of Parkland Memorial Hospital, and finally NBC TV’s Fred Rheinstein.

We would be doing a disservice to the Jew Sam Bloom who pressured Chief Curry to publicize the transfer of Oswald from the city to county jail during which time an alibi could be given to Ruby for knowing the time he could kill Oswald, and giving the drama maximum airplay.

One interesting postscript in the death of Oswald is his time of death. Lundregan reported to “newsmen” that he had received an update on Oswald’s condition at 1:12 PM that he was still alive. Later, doctors reported his death at 1:07 PM which was a final symbolic play on the public because that is precisely the time of J D Tippit’s death, although it could have been as early as 1:06p. However, the murderers overplayed their hand in setting the record straight on the time of Tippit’s death, proving that Oswald could not have possibly murdered Tippit given his location at the Texas Theater at precisely that very moment.

Still we are left with questions about the time of Oswald’s death. We are not even certain that Parkland doctors treated Oswald because Dr Shires came down immediately after Oswald allegedly died. Shires stated during his press conference, when asked if he had notified the patient’s family, “No, I came right here from the operating room; escorted from the operating room.” Shires was said to be doing open heart cardiac massage on Oswald, yet he was cleanroom clean – not a spec of blood anywhere on his immaculate lab coat and scrubs after “immediately” leaving the operating room. There is no way he changed or cleaned in the times he gave for Oswald’s death and appearance before the press.

The conclusion is that Oswald was dead when he left the Dallas Police Department station in downtown Dallas. Even Bieberdorf, a fourth year medical student working at the DPD, testified that he thought Oswald was dead when he saw him.

The made for television drama used the film noire motif to paint a gritty picture in a police station basement where vigilante justice was exacted upon the alleged murderer of the president. The truth of the matter is that Lee Oswald was completely innocent. It was the Dallas Police Department which assisted the CIA and Permindex in the murder of the president, J D Tippit, and Lee Oswald. Not bad work for “serving and protecting.”

Copyright 2017 Tony Bonn

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