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The Oswald Defection

The Oswald Defection

One of the enduring mysteries of the Oswald biography is his defection to the Soviet Union in 1959. Debate centers around its motive, and in some circles, whether or not he in fact returned. We will explore the open issues in the Oswald defection, including the strong possibility that Oswald was never in the USSR at all.

One of the enduring mysteries of the Oswald biography is his defection to the Soviet Union in 1959. Debate centers around its motive, and in some circles, whether or not he in fact returned. We will explore the open issues in the Oswald defection, including the strong possibility that Oswald was never in the USSR at all.

Before proceeding, we must acknowledge that there was more than one Oswald. John Armstrong documents both a HARVEY and LEE, the former of whom is the Oswald of renown who was framed for the murder of President Kennedy, while the latter was the murkier man born October 18, 1939 to Marguerite Claverie Oswald in New Orleans. But this does not exhaust the supply of Oswalds.

While we accept the general thesis of Armstrong’s research, we also contend that there were more than 2 Oswalds, each of which played some role in advancing the intelligence agencies goals in their vast clandestine network of operations. These multiple Oswalds cast doubt on the circumstances surrounding the ingress and egress of Oswald vis a vis the USSR, and the manner in his so doing.

We have waffled on the question concerning HARVEY’s presence in the USSR, but we have finally returned to our original thesis that Oswald was certainly not in the USSR. Although we admit that a prima facie case exists for HARVEY being in the USSR, but this by no means proves the case. We believe that other evidence militates strongly against such a position.

There is limited forensic evidence placing HARVEY in the USSR, but what does exist is largely alleged eye witness testimony from 2 American reporters who claimed to have interviewed “Oswald.” Both Aline Mosby and CIA hack Patricia Johnson, later McMillan, claimed that they interviewed Oswald while he was staying at the Hotel Metropole in Moscow in November 1959.

McMillan has made her notes available, which in legal parlance, are prima facie evidence for an interview with Oswald. Mosby’s claims are substantiated by an article which was published in the Fort Worth newspaper contemporaneous with the defection, although Johnson’s article was not published until November 22, 1963. Thus with 2 witnesses, if successfully defended in cross examination, one would have strong evidence that both women interviewed Oswald in Moscow at the Metropole Hotel.

On a side note, the fact that Johnson’s article was delayed for 4 years is smoking gun proof that she was laying down a legend for a communist lone nut who could be framed for the killing of a president which was actually done by the CIA for whom she provided services.

However, the matter isn’t quite that simple as we noted that there were more than 2 Oswalds, and we have little evidence that the 2 women reporters interviewed the same person. Johnson worked for the CIA front organization North American Newspaper Alliance, although she adamantly denied that she ever was a CIA agent. Smart readers will parse the denial as a non-denial denial in terms of the material substance of the allegation.

According to Peter Whitmey, McMillan firmly denied ever being a CIA agent, a claim which we believe. However, she was and is a CIA operative.

In the report she filed with NANA, Johnson described her subject as ‘"a six-footer"’ although the margins of her notes indicate his height as 5’ 11” – most likely she was taking poetic license in describing the USMC reservist at 6 feet. In 1964, when interviewed by Warren Commission lawyers, Johnson remarked, ‘”whatever happened to that little Lee Oswald?"’ These 2 descriptions are entirely at odds – no one describes a 6-footer as little unless one is the Jolly Green Giant.

The best explanation is that Johnson made a slip of the tongue, truthfully describing one of her “Oswalds” in 1964. Her interview in 1959 was arranged by her handlers at the US embassy and at the behest of CIA agent Oswald. Under those circumstances her reporting was not to convey truth, but to pass messages between her subject and the Agency – and to help lay down a legend which could be used at a later time.

Yet there are more anomalies in the Oswald description. Marina Oswald, testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations said that Oswald "wasn't very [sic] tall man. He was a little bit taller than me." We know that Marina was (and is) 5’ 3” at most. We have seen pictures of an alleged Lee Oswald, standing next to Marina, who was a little taller than her. This “Lee” may be the Lee to whom Marina and Johnson referred – and we would even assert that to be the case.

A witness who met the Oswalds when they arrived in the United States in July 1962, stated that Oswald was “5 foot nothing,” a description more in accord with Marina’s than with Johnson’s. Clearly different people were being described – meaning that there were multiple Oswalds.

HARVEY’s autopsy conducted by Dr Rose documents his height as 5’ 9.5” which introduces yet another Oswald. To recapitulate, we have LEE Oswald who was 5’ 11”, and of whom we have said almost nothing; next is HARVEY Oswald who was 5’ 9.5”, and “Lee” Oswald who was over 5 feet but not by much – maybe 5’ 5” or so – but clearly not a 6-footer as described initially by Johnson. This information is only intelligible if we assume that each reporter is telling the truth – something of a leap of faith in the case of Johnson.

The other piece of forensic evidence substantiating HARVEY’s presence in Moscow is a picture released of him allegedly in his room at the Hotel Metropole which resembles the Oswald who dominated the news in the aftermath of the CIA coup against the United States on 11/22/1963. This photograph shows a much more photogenic Oswald than is typically given the public, or in Johnson’s words, he looked more like “Joe College.”

When dealing with photographs, the evergreen concern is tampering. The JFK photographic evidence has been pandemically altered and suppressed. Oswald could have easily been placed into the photograph in which case we have stingier evidence of his presence in Moscow. In our view, there is evidence of alteration of the photograph.

Comparing the Metropole picture with the Dallas Police Department mug shot, we were baffled by the similarities between the 2 subjects – at one point concluding that they were the same man after accounting for 4 years’ aging. The deciding factor, however, was the shape of the face. The Metropole man has an elongated face, whereas the mug shot man has a blockier face. Thus the 2 men cannot be the same.

Thus the Metropole Hotel photograph used to substantiate that Oswald – in our case HARVEY – was the defector does precisely the opposite. If the government had a picture of HARVEY in Moscow, it would surely have appeared long ago. We discuss the implications of this finding below.

To further muddy the waters, several additional photographs alleging to be Lee Harvey Oswald in the USRR have circulated, but they cannot all be Oswald – and in fact none of them is HARVEY. One researcher believes that the Oswald who married Marina was in fact the son of George DeMohrenschildt, a geologist who figured prominently in the CIA assassination of Kennedy, and who acted as one of HARVEY’s handlers until early 1963.

So who is this “Lee” character, and was this the person Johnson interviewed? To the first question, Patrick Scrivener suggests that it was Oleg von Mohrenschildt, son of the well-known Russian émigré George DeMohrenschildt, in which Oleg is a pseudonym for George’s son born in 1933.

Interestingly, “Oswald” was sent to Minsk after being granted alien resident status, the home town of George. This placement suggests that perhaps Oswald was to trade identities or places with Oleg in order to expatriate the latter to the United States.

If the story isn’t confusing enough already, we must add another twist. The “Lee” to which we refer as Oleg is not the LEE Armstrong identifies as the son of Marguerite Claverie.

One other disparity in the Oswald encounters by Mosby and Johnson is that they painted different pictures of him. In her original article filed with NANA, Johnson portrays a somewhat sympathetic if not misguided person who is seeking refuge in the USSR for ideological reasons. Mosby, on the other hand, described an arrogant, self-important person whose insecurities drive him to make a name for himself by betraying his country. This image is the one used by the CIA and FBI to tarnish Oswald as the murderer of the President and thus bears the finger prints of intelligence rather than an authentic portrait of HARVEY.

Confirming the confusion over Oswald identities was FBI Director J Edgar Hoover’s 1960 memo in which he raised the concern that someone may be impersonating Oswald, and resulted in instructions to the US embassy in Moscow to only deliver Oswald’s birth certificate in person for fear that it could fall into the wrong hands. More specifically, Hoover was concerned that a Soviet spy could be given Oswald’s identity for exfiltration into the US.

As for the motives for the defection, Oswald researchers have taken 2 views. The Establishment view, formulated by the president’s assassins themselves, is that Oswald defected due to alienation from American life, and infatuation with Soviet ideology. This view, in fact, was reported by CIA hack Priscilla Johnson McMillan who worked for the CIA front North American Newspaper Alliance, through whom she filed an article on November 18, 1959 summarizing the interview she had with Oswald.

The other view maintains that Oswald defected to the Soviet Union as part of a sophisticated CIA operation to establish an espionage network in the USSR, or to perform ordinary human intelligence. While the view maintaining that Oswald was an intelligence agent has much to commend it, ultimately it fails to disclose what the Soviet operation was all about.

From 1955 – 1962 there were a flurry of defections to the Soviet Union, all by military or military industrial complex people. One such defector was Robert Webster who fake-defected 2 weeks before Oswald, and who returned to the US 2 weeks before Oswald in June 1962.

Webster, a plastics specialist working for the CIA’s Rand Corporation, is interesting in his own right. A J Weberman speculated – with good cause – that Oswald and Webster were part of an espionage operation designed to gather intelligence from the Soviet Union. He is all the more interesting because of his associations with Marina Oswald, long suspected of being a Soviet intelligence agent.

Webster acknowledged knowing Marina Oswald, while the latter denies it. We believe Webster because Marina stated to Kathy Ford that HARVEY’s business in the Soviet Union was precisely that of Webster’s – a trade show marketer who was sent to the USSR for a plastics show. Apparently the young Marina got her spies confused.

Thus a cozy coterie of CIA personnel were aggregated in the USSR – someone claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald, Robert Webster, Marina Oswald, and Alexander Ziger (spellings of the last name vary), a Polish Jew who was the plant engineer and director at the Minsk radio factory where Oswald worked. Oswald worked 6 days a week at the plant and spent 4 nights a week with Ziger at his home with his 2 daughters, never speaking Russian though in fact he could do so quite well – even HARVEY could speak good Russian.

Ziger, a polylinguistic intelligence agent who began work for the OSS and then CIA, was part of the Soviet bureaucracy and loyal to Zionism, which indeed James Angleton’s CIA was too. Thus Oswald and Webster were not in the USSR to operate an intelligence operation against the USSR, but for it. In other words, Webster and Oswald were behind the Iron Curtain to transfer American technology to the Soviet Jews.

We have previously published that Oswald’s main purpose for defection to the Soviet Union was to relay highly classified U-2 documentation to enable the Soviets to shoot down the spy plane. Quite recently, we uncovered a document by Mae Brussell in which she made an identical claim, charging precisely as we did that Oswald was sent to the USSR to derail détente with the Soviet Union. By shooting down the U-2, the Eisenhower-Khrushchev meeting of May 1960 was permanently scuttled, with a little help from Americans who sabotaged Gary Powers’ plane.

One of Oswald’s calling cards when pleading for entry into the USSR was that he was a former Marine who had valuable radar technology to give his hosts. Not only did he have radar knowledge, but also had U2 knowledge earned while stationed at Atsugi.

Webster for his part delivered significant plastics technologies, the details about which we are uncertain. Marina’s job was to coordinate liaisons between these 2 men, and possibly others, and to shuttle information, most likely involving the CIA officer at the US embassy in Moscow.

The fact that the Soviets showed very little interest in Oswald is further proof that they knew he was in the USSR on an intelligence operation to benefit them. Oswald’s repatriation back to the US was as miraculous as his arrival in the USSR. The State Department either loaned or gave him money upon his arrival in the US in 1962.

However, keep in mind that when we say Oswald, we are not talking about the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame. We are speaking of the imposter who exercised Hoover to the extent that the FBI Director wrote a memo expressing his concerns about impersonation.

The Oswald who accompanied Marina back to the US was most likely DeMohrenschildt’s son, eponymously known as Oleg. The person who greeted them at the airport described him as “5 foot nothing” – a far cry from 5’ 11” of 5’ 9”. Oleg melted into the landscape, whereupon HARVEY assumed the role of Oswald and Marina’s husband.

The main reasons we believe that “Oleg” was the “Oswald” who accompanied Marina out of the USSR are the accumulation of small errors in details which an American would not make. In particular, he gave his place of birth as New Orleans, Texas. Apparently Oleg confused his destination with Oswald’s place of birth. He also stated that he married Marina on April 31. 

The relationship between Marina and HARVEY was always very strange, troubled, and conflicted. They spent a great deal of time apart while in the US, with HARVEY showing almost no interest in the birth of his alleged second daughter Rachel. Clearly there was no familial relationship between the two people. When HARVEY left his wedding ring on the nightstand the morning of 11/22, he was signaling that the Oswald Project was over, but had no idea that his life would be over 2 days later when Frank Sturgis of the CIA murdered him at the Dallas Police Department where HARVEY was incarcerated.

One of the most chilling statements supporting our contention about the fake marriage between Marina and HARVEY is Marina’s statement before the HSCA where she refers to HARVEY as “the person was dead” – a most impersonal voyeuristic expression of a stranger. Our collective jaw dropped when we read the statement. Here is a man who was supposed to have been her husband and the father of her 2 children, but she refers to him as “the person!”

The implications of this relationship are clear. Neither daughter bearing the Oswald name was the offspring of HARVEY. They may have been the children of Marina and Oleg, but LEE is another possible candidate father of Rachel. John Armstrong reported that a woman living on 10th St in Dallas stated that she rented an apartment to a couple who looked very much like Marina and LEE. If one dismisses it is an unreliable identification, then one must dismiss all of the alleged identifications of Oswald reported from 1960-1963.

Our solution to the Oswald problem is that HARVEY never defected to the USSR. A CIA sleeper agent entered the country - perhaps not as described – ie departure from New Orleans, to Havre, to London, to Helsinki, to Stockholm, to Helsinki, to Moscow – but perhaps through normal diplomatic transport. One of the secretaries at the embassy stated that Oswald had access to areas normally restricted to all but those possessing the highest security clearance, thus eliminating the need for the Byzantine route into the USSR. The elaborate story was for the public and probably sprang from the fertile imagination of E Howard Hunt.

The interviews given the 2 journalists were conducted by the CIA “Oswald.” The fact that Johnson’s article was squirreled away for 4 years indicates that it used to lay a legend, and brought to light at the right moment. CIA “Oswald” briefed Johnson on how the compose the story for future operations which is why she spent 7 hours with her subject.

When Oswald left the USSR in 1962 with Marina, it was Oleg DeMorhenschildt rather than HARVEY. Once Oleg was in this country, HARVEY assumed the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, and was manipulated by George DeMohrenschildt, the vile Ruth Paine, and others into the patsy position.

It is unknown what happened to Metropole Oswald – he either disappeared into the cloak and dagger woodwork, or returned to the United States after his mission was over.

The main idea motivating our thesis is that not one shred of sound forensic evidence – especially photographic – exists to prove that Lee HARVEY Oswald was in the USSR. It was all an elaborate hoax.

The extent of the fraud perpetrated upon the American people by this monstrous lie staggers the imagination. The Jewish CIA was engaged in wholesale transfer of American technology to the Jewish USSR, in part to keep the Cold War going. It was another in a long string of betrayals by Jews to this nation, a string which includes the Rosenbergs.

Copyright 2017 Tony Bonn

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