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The Genocide Is an Open Secret - The Laugh Is on You

HHS Secretary Becerra admits that the "vaccine" is a bioweapon

Astute observors noted when "Biden" press secretary Jen Psaki earlier this year called the "COVID" crisis a plandemic, but Secretary Becerra let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that the plandemic is a genocide.

He admitted that the bioweapon marketed as a "vaccine" kills black and Latino persons at twice the rate as whites. This startling admission means that the bioweapon is a genocide tool for if it were not, the drugs would be halted instantly if for no other reason than it would be racist.

Nonetheless, the suicide compliance rate is higher for whites than for blacks and Latinos, meaning that the bioweapon was truly targeted at white people.

All of the fools committing suicide with the "safe and effective vaccine" have been called fools by the United States government. The "vaccine" holocaust is here and now. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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