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The Coming American Famine

The Cabal is destroying food at break neck speed

The brazen destruction of the American food supply is horrific, but is no accident. The Cabal is destroying farm land, processing centers, fertilizer availability, and logistical capabilities to bring famine and starvation to America.

The actor playing Joe Biden recently announced coming food shortages. He made this statement not because he is a good clairvoyant but because he and his regime are planning the destruction of the food systems. Shortly after he made this prediction this week, over 20 food processing plants were destroyed with fire and bombs. The perpetrators were the usual suspects - FBI, CIA, DHS, Mossad - organizations which are controlled by George Soros, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Elizabeth Windsor, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, Anthony Fauci, and so many more psychopaths.

Part of the motivation is pure psychopathy, but the other part is to fulfill the Georgia Guidestones which call of the murder of 90% of the world's population. The bioweapon marketed as a "vaccine" was the opening salvo, but the plan rolls on with food shortages.

The specific steps taken to create this crisis start with the reduction in planted acreage. As one of the largest, if not largest, land owners in America, Bill Gates has ruthlessly removed millions of acres from food production, and forced others to follow suit. Animals are being slaughtered by the millions, some of which are killed under the ruse of "bird flu." Fertilizer shipments have been halted on orders from the "Biden" regime. Over 20 food processing centers throughout the country have been destroyed in a day by fire and bombs.

These criminals mean business. Yet no one is fighting them for the same reason that no one fought the "vaccine." People are so stupid and clueless having been brain washed by their phones and televisions.

As an aside, one reason for the destruction of the food supplies is due to the destruction of the population. Government data shows housing vacancies at around 11%, a completely unprecedented event. These vacancies mean that 14-35 million people have disappeared. In other words, they have died from the bioweapon. With fewer people, less food is needed. However, the shortages will be more catastrophic than that.

The frogs think that some profound, 17-D chess game plan is at work to save them. They are utter idiots and fools. Often attributed to Q Anon, that group is an intelligence terrorist group to do exactly the  opposite of what its adherents expect. Q Anon is systematically destroying this country, while at the same time convincing its followers to do absolutely nothing while their bodies are destroyed by bioweapons, their food is destroyed by the Cabal, and their borders are destroyed by these same groups. "Sit back and enjoy the show."

To augment starvation, the Cabal, Q Anon, and the Davos controllers have World War 3 planned with Ukraine. All nations, especially the US, Russia, China, and EU have authorized yet another round of "vaccines." You will die and be happy.

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