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What is the Ukraine War All About?

How Putin is supporting the new world order

Many so-called patriots think that Russian president Vladimir Putin is a hero for freedom or an antagonist of tyranny and abuses of the United States. This belief is as retarded as their worship of Q Anon. Putin is a New World Order diehard who is achieving its aims by diminishing US power and influence for a multi-polar world.

The strategic concerns of Russia are not difficult to perceive. NATO has aggressively expanded eastward since the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly to the point of strategic envelopment. NATO has long outlived its usefulness. There is absolutely no need for it militarily - it is a relic of the Cold War - an albatross of dubious value. It has morphed into the 21st century colonial empire.

The pretext for the invasion of Ukraine is perfectly valid strategically. After all, the United States became rather exercised when the USSR placed ballistic missiles in Cuba in the early 1960s. We suspect that it would respond the same way - with a president other than Biden - should China erect military bases in Cancun or south of El Paso. No one but a jew could argue that Russia has no geopolitical interest in maintaining the neutrality of Ukraine.

On the other hand, Putin is just as much a tyrant as the person impersonating Joe Biden of the 3d Obama adminsistration. Putin has created a security state which is as oppressive and monsterous as anything of the USSR. The Russian leader is a sock puppet of Jewish oligarchs and they have bragged openly about it. We posted a video of those creeps dancing and praising Putin's subservience to Jewish goals and their complete control of Russia. Putin has also been tutored by Henry Kissinger; he is the darling of Davos - all of the blustering censuring notwithstanding.

As bad as the Russian police state is, it takes a back seat to Putin's vehement insistence on "vaccines" which he and China's Jinping just endorsed for a new round of genocide. We have explained that the bioweapons marketed as "vaccines" contain nothing but toxic and lethal substances - there is nothing therapeutic whatsoever about them. The very fact that Putin is terrorizing his population with them is incontrovertible proof of his commitment to the Georgia Guidestones and the decimation of world population.

Thus the invasion of Ukraine was the foundation of the new multi-polar world where dollar dominance fades and the American economy is decimated. That is the hallmark of Jewish tyranny - it always has been, and always will be. This balkanization of world politics is essential for Jews to maintain control. If the United States maintained its supremacy, and if Americans woke up to the perfidy, treason, and hatred of Jews, it could create "management" problems for them.

Anyone supporting Putin is an uninformed boob.

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