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Who Is Playing Joe Biden?

The man portraying Biden is an impersonator

The man representing fake president Joe Biden is not the man who once was Biden. Americans have the right to know who is playing their fake president.
The pictures below illustrate the problem. There is no way that Joe Biden is the fake president. We reported previously that Biden was either dead or comatose after suffering a stroke. The fact that someone is impersonating Biden means that the United States government has suffered yet another coup d'etat and is being governed by a foreign power - the power which installed Biden as president as the result of a massive digital attack on November 3, 2020.
As best as we can ascertain, the man on the left was Biden; the 2 right characters are impersonators. To spell out the differences between the man on the left and the one on the right, we will enumerate notable discrepancies. The actor on the right is the one who is most frequently sent out for press conferences and calling New World Order communist Lori Lightfoot Mr Mayor.
  1. The foreheads are distinctly different. The man on the left has a broader and flatter forehead
  2. The eye colors are different. The man on the left appears to have hazel eyes whereas the one on the right has brown
  3. The skull shapes are different. The man on the left has a blocky funnel shape, while the man on the right has a more elongated shape.
  4. The chins are different. The man on the left has a squared off chin while the man on the right has a cleft chin which appears to be the result of an ill-fitting mask.
Even looking at the two pictures holistically shows 2 different men.
Biden maskThis closeup of the Biden actor on the right above shows the ill-fitting mask.
Given that one, and possibly multiple, actor is playing Biden, it begs the question, Why? The main answers are 1. Biden is dead 2. Biden is incapacitated 3. His handlers are trying to project omnipresence.
This question leads to the question, Who is running the country? Most observers believe that Barack Obama is running the presidency, but even Obama has handlers which we believe lead back to Beijing.
Recently the fake Biden was shown in a fake White House getting a fake "vaccine." One commentator suggested that the injection was staged in the Executive Building to obscure Biden's dependence on teleprompters, but we believe that answer to be dishonest. It was to hide the fact that Biden has never been allowed in the White House as fake president - a point confirmed by Lin Wood.
We don't claim to have all the answers, but we sure would like some which are truthful.
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