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The Roe v Wade Leaker

Sonia Sotomayer Leaks Pending Abortion Reversal

Abortion has always been controversial since Jewish abortionists ginned up a guinea pig for the epic battle to institutionalize abortion in the United States. The vile Burger court ruled in 1973 in favor of the original plaintiff who was nominally Norma McCorvey.

Recently the Court has taken up another case in which draft rulings indicate that it would explicitly overturn the historic decision. This indication does not sit well with liberals who will scream, fight, and burn down your city for the right to kill born and unborn babies. Indeed new laws in California and Colorado legalize infantcide.

One commentator, Jim Stone, suggests that the reason for the ruling is to make up for legalizing the 2020 election fraud, and to cover-up their guilt for the massive population of women sterilized by the bioweapon marketed as a "vaccine." The court's rulings on the bioweapon have generally sided with the genocide perpetrators to be sure, but it is not clear how they are covering up their crimes. This commentator states that the abortion industry has already died due to sterlization, so the Supreme Court is throwing conservatives a bone. Since when do liberal Jews throw anyone a bone?

One source reveals that Justice Sonia Sotomayer is the leaker of the decision which is not scheduled for publication for a couple of months, the implication being that she wants to intimidate the justices with violent liberals and more ANTIFA riots. So far Capitol police have erected barricades to buffer the court building from protestors who so far have not been labeled violent insurrectionists by the news fakers and the January 6th committee.

The breach of court confidentiality is unprecedented, and clearly a signal that the Jews are furious that their 5 decade long genocide campaign may be ending. Hence, she is agitating her violent cohorts, aided by Jew George Soros, to bring out the heavy guns against their wayward goyim.

It will be interesting to see if the justices hold fast or buckle like a cheap suit. It is time for the barbaric practice to stop. Perhaps one or two of them have seen the logical conclusion of commercial abortion - infanticide which has now come to this country in the name of Baal worship.


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