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"Vaccine" Mayhem in the Unfriendly Skies

"Vaccinated" Pilots Dying In Flight

Dr Jane Ruby reported a laundry list of deaths from the bioweapon marketed by FDA, CDC, and the Biden regime as "vaccines." Pilots and crews are dying in droves - even in flight. This explains the massive cancelations of Southwest Airlines flights which occurred over the weekend starting October 8, 2021.
Speaking with Stew Peters on the Stew Peters Show, Dr Ruby enumerated a terrifying number of deaths which should rattle anyone who isn't brainwashed by the fake news. Ruby's reports are in line with what Clif High predicted and anecdotes he has reported from his emergency medical services contacts.
Ruby's lead story, confirmed by 3 airline sources, involved a Delta pilot who died mid-flight after having recently taken his second bioweapon. The co-pilot told a flight attendant that the pilot was speaking normally one minute, then the next he was dead. The co-pilot had to perform an emergency landing. The dead pilot was based in Los Angeles. 
One of Ruby's airline sources told her that inflight health problems are becoming routine, citing a specific flight which was rerouted due to the pilot having chest pains. 
It is not just the flight crew who are suffering heart problems in flight. This source told of a 30 year old male passenger with chest pains which caused the pilot to reroute the flight for emergency care. 
A Seattle based pilot was found dead at his home after receiving his second bioweapon, death caused by an embolism. Large numbers of crews are not returning to work after receiving the bioweapon because of incapacitation, including death. Ruby's source told her that 2 Atlanta based flight attendants were found dead at home. Atlanta is home of Delta Airlines whose psychopathic CEO demanded that his employees take the suicide shot or be fired. Cleary greed was not the motive, proving as we have said all along that the bioweapon is not about lining the pockets of pharmaceuticals. Rather it is all about depopulation.
Ruby's source continued to inform her that 7 Atlanta based flight attendants were diagnosed with "COVID" after taking the bioweapon, preventing them from working. Another Atlanta based pilot took the suicide injection and died a few days later from kidney failure after being put on the homicide drug Remdesevir.
A Salt Lake City ramp agent died in his sleep 3 days after taking the depopulation injection. Also in the city, a 47 year old "gym rat" flight attendant base manager died after taking the Johnson & Johnson bioweapon.
Did your newsfaker report these episodes? Did you run to your nearest "fact checker" to debunk these stories? Did you ask Google to censer these reports and this Chronicle?
These deaths are only those of which Ruby's sources know. Without question, many more have died which in turn explains why Southwest Airlines had to cancel over 2100 flights this past weekend. The point is that airline workers are rebelling against the mandatory bioweapons because they see the damages they have caused among their ranks. 
The airline claimed that bad weather and air traffic controller problems were the causes of the cancelations, but Dr Ruby reported that the FAA denied the allegation concerning traffic controllers.
Ruby's sources informed her that many airline flight crew feel ill during flights, often because they are in close proximity to passengers and crew members who are shedding spike proteins in cramped quarters, as well as suffering the effects of their own bioweapon injections. While staying overnight in hotels, sources tell Ruby that they see constant visits by EMT workers.
If there was bad weather all over the US, then why didn't other airlines follow suit? The best explanation we have seen is that the surviving airline employees are just saying No. For many of them it is too late, but wouldn't it be better to be stranded at an airport than to crash into one because your pilot has died? Or maybe it would be better to sit next to a corpse on a 3 hour flight?
The implications for the military are not good. What is happening to commercial airline pilots is happening to military personnel, but with greater security, the stories are not leaking as fast. Give it time - they will.
Fly at your own risk. But why should you be given a choice to fly? You should be forced to fly for your own good and safety - because it is "safe and effective."
Postscript 10/19/2021: We are over the target. CIA-Google censors unpublished our Chronicle with some vague Soviet-worded claim that we violated "Community Guidelines" - Soviet-speak for we decide what is published.
Additionally, Delta has since rescinded it "vaccine" dictate.
Dr Jane Ruby, Stew Peters Show,, October 11, 2021, source(Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required (, accessed 10/11/2021)
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