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Ukraine War Exposes Jewish Lies as Total Frauds

Proof that the Holocaust Never Happened

The war in Ukraine is absolute total proof that the Holocaust is a gigantic Jewish lie, and that the long journey of rehabilitating Adolf Hitler must begin. The nations which have spent a fortune in demonizing Hitler are the very ones pouring billions of dollars into supporting the Ukrainian Nazi military machine.

The "Biden" regime is spending 33 billion dollars to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces controlled by its neo Nazi battalions. The western axis has spend man-years of time urging the Nazi forces in Mariupol to defend Azvostopol to the last man. Clearly Nazism is a good and noble cause. How else could the Western elite vociferously and energetically support these combatants?

We also know from innumerable reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces led by the Nazis are murdering their own citizens in order to blame the Russians for "war crimes." The evidence is overwhelming that the Jewish Zelensky and his Nazis militants have staged these alleged attrocities and murdered Ukrainians - just as they have done since the time of the Jewish Lenin - in order to turn Western sympathies for the Nazis.

How on earth could the Jews, who have spent so much time and energy making holocaust denial a sin and a crime support the very party which allegedly killed 6 million of their own? Defending Nazis is proof of the Jewish lies, and proof the the Nazi virtues.

On the other hand, we must admit that the Nazis of the Ukraine are not the Nazis of Hitler, but their iconography is the same. We must reinterpret the iconography of Nazis and understand that it should not evoke a Pavlovian response of revulsion.

The Jewish elite have spent man-millenia demonizing Adolf Hitler as a mass murderer, especially of jews. But clearly this is a lie as several historians have shown. The idea of killing 6 million people is utterly preposterous as Butz, Kollerstrom, and others have shown. See the link for coverage of Dr Kollerstrom's analysis.

It is also false that Hitler was Jewish. Mike King has dealt with this topic numerous times. Hitler's support came from rank and file Germans - not from elite Jewish billionaires. Besides, would you be caught dead believing a "conspiracy theory?"

The work of the brave men who have denounced and denied the Holocaust have been vindicated by the Jews themselves. In this one minute of irrational imbecility, the drama queens have set a match to the pillar of lies they have told for centuries - yes the liars have been promoting the holocaust since the 19th century - and yes it was 6 millions who were always killed. Even Israel admitted that there was no forensic evidence of a Nazi holocaust when it brutally kidnapped - and then murdered - Adolf Eichmann in 1960.

Hitler was a brilliant economist, rebuilding from the destruction wreaked by Jews since World War 1. His social policies are very much aligned with liberal and leftist ideologies. He added fluroride to drinking water, guaranteed women's rights, provided basic social guarantees, and many other arrangements considered sacred in the modern welfare state. In all fairness Western interpretations of socialism are degenerations of the German model.

Having defended Hitler and his National Socialists, we condemn the Ukrainians as murderers and genocidists - especially Zelensky and Jews. The Jewish communists were the ones who executed the brutal Holodomar which is not an exaggeration or myth. It was a systemic extermination of Russians and Ukrainians led by Jews. 60-80 million people were murdered by the Jew-Communists.

Yes, the fraud and lies of the Jews have been laid bare by their enthusiastic support of Zelensky and the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces. Perhaps we can return to honest history and politics.

‘The Holocaust’ factually proven as “The Holohoax” to create THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (

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