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The Relevance of the Mosaic Law

The Mosaic Law and New Covenant

The debate over the relevance of the Mosaic Law has raged among Christians for centuries, whose contentions at times have waxed hot or cold. Regardless of the ostensible theological or pedantic merits of the arguments, far from being done away in Christ, the Mosaic legislation simply lacks the infrastructure for enforcement and compliance. 

For example, there is no Tent of Meeting, tabernacle, priesthood, Jerusalem, or temple wherewith to observe and administer the ceremonial obligations. Certainly one can still honor one’s father and mother, and refrain from bearing false witness, but the apparatus for fulfilling ceremonial and many civil obligations lays in shambles, and has since the destruction of the first temple.

As an aside, the second temple is of no consequence since it was built by Jews, a topic to which we shall return shortly. It will do no good to plea that Jesus taught in the temple because Jesus was a literary character pure and simple. You can also safely ignore the coming third temple and its rituals.

Since Jesus was a fictional entity fabricated by the Romans, as a rebuttal to the rabid messianic claims of the Jews, to extinguish the drivel of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, and other Jewish miscreants, there is no person from Yahweh to terminate the Mosaic Law. Therefore it cannot be “done away with”, nailed to the cross, or made flesh in our hearts.

This discovery of the fiction of Jesus means that the Law is still standing unless one appeals to the New Covenant which also comes from Yahweh. But before continuing with this point, we clarify a point or two about the Jews.

The Jews are not the people of the Old Testament. The word Jew does not appear in the Bible except sparsely and in pejorative terms. The people of the Bible are the Hebrews who were created in the image of God. These people were scattered to the winds with the deportations of Assyria and Babylon. They are the true Israelites.

Only one race was created in the image of God. Take your pick – but the scriptures are very clear about which one it is – the White race. You can safely ignore the satanic babblings of the Jews about the Bible, a document which their Talmud decrees is not binding or authoritative. Whites worship these Canaanite breeds to their own damnations.

The Law was given corporately – it was not personal salvation - it was national and hereditary. Personal actions mattered, but the Law was given to the people as a people and as a racial birth rite. There was no such thing as personal salvation though individual integrity and righteousness were required and individuals could be stoned to death for their sins.

But the portion of the earth taken for Yahweh - Israel – because its people were created in his image - was required to obey the Law in its entirety. However, many of the laws required that the people be in the land, or have a tabernacle. Do the people of Yahweh today have these things? Of course not.

Unless there be a New Covenant, these people are breaking the Law and under condemnation. Yet Jeremiah prophesied the New Covenant for Israel and Judah – not for Jews. This New Covenant would write the laws in the minds and hearts of Yaweh’s people because both Israel and Yahweh broke abrogated the Law.

So where are we? Have the Mosaic laws been written in the hearts and minds of Israel? If one refers to the decalogue, one might be able to say yes. If one refers to the entire Mosaic legislation, then the answer would be emphatically no. When I speak of Israel, I do not speak of the Rothschild sewer in the Middle East. I speak of the White peoples scattered across the earth who once lived in that land.

It behooves those who have not taken the bioweapon marketed as a "vaccine" to obey the 10 commandments.

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