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There Are No Saline Shots

Don't Count on a Saline "COVID" shot to save you

Some commentators have suggested or even stated that the bioweapons marketed as vaccines for “COVID 19” have lots which contain saline solution. This statement is utter nonsense, and in some cases a deliberate fabrication.

One prominent person who claimed that some vials contain saline solution is Catherine Austin Fitts. During a recent interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog, she stated that bioweapon vials have contained saline solution, without elaborating on the quantity or the details of the finding.

Other non-establishment sources have stated or suggested that deliberate measures were taken, possibly by the US military, to intercept the bioweapons, replacing the real drugs with saline solution placebos.

These statements are incorrect, to put it politely. A nurse in one of the Baltic states revealed that saline shots are indeed given to politicians. American football players have also reported that they were given saline shots. But these occurrences are rare and reserved for highly privileged people, especially when they do televised stunts, and say nothing about the supply chain purity. The saline solutions were produced locally, ad-hoc – not by the weapons manufacturers.

Those who follow researchers who actually work with the vials – not those people who make videos full of suggestions and inuendo – know that nearly all injections contain the lethal drugs.

The International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research reported in a June 2022 article that 94% of a sample of 1004 people developed blood pathologies and abnormalities after taking the suicide injections. I assert that the remaining 6% have since developed the problems if they lived.

This evidence indicates that the injections are infallibly toxic – all of them. One could reasonably cavil with this evidence by suggesting that the pathologies might be transient, or the samples limited by extent of representation. The latter is fair enough but the former is a non-sequitur.

But there is more evidence which seals the case. A group of 18 international researchers has looked at samples of the “vaccines” from all of the major makers and has found none with saline solution. Poornima Waugh reports that this group has examined nearly 2500 vials from around the world of nearly all manufacturers and has yet to find a single vial of saline solution.

The next step will be for the manufacturers and military to inject such vials into the supply chain in order to scare billions into getting a booster shot for fear that they did not receive the authentic suicide serum. But that is what satanists do, and to which stupid people succumb.

If you are counting on the possibility of a saline injection as your glimmer of hope, you will be badly disappointed.

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