Vax Populi: A Pandemic of the "Vaccinated"

Vaccines Kill

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This Chronicle was published in 2021, but censored by Jewish Communist CIA proprietary Google/Blogspot. We reproduce it here for posterity and for tumpeting the truth. Death rates from the bioweapon have skyrocketed as predicted. Please see our other Chronicles for corroborating information.

British Doctors Find More Harms From Masks

Lung samples show humans with plastics in their lungs and blood

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Masks have innumerable harms, but the latest findings from British doctors show that masks leave plastic deposits in the lungs which end up in the blood stream.

Doctors and CEOs Received Fake "Vaccine" Cards

The government and news fakers have been lying to you about "vaccine" mandates

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Former Trump Official Dr Paul Alexander reveals that doctors and CEOs received fake "vaccines" cards while everyone else was forced to commit suicide.

The Cliff Notes to the Ukraine War

The busy man's guide to the Ukraine War

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The Russians invaded Ukraine for many reasons, including an existential threat to its nation. But the immediate cause was to preempt the Ukrainian invasion of the Donbas.