The Genocide Is an Open Secret - The Laugh Is on You

HHS Secretary Becerra admits that the "vaccine" is a bioweapon

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When "Biden" spokes person Jen Psaki called the "COVID" pandemic a plandemic, few people noticed. Perhaps they will pay attention the Health and Human Services secretary who admitted that it is genocide.

What Is the Ukraine War All About? Part 2

Bioweapons are the cause of the Ukraine War

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While we stressed the geo-strategic aspects of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, there is one more important quintessential element which forced its necessity - US bioweapon warfare against Ukraine and Russia.

The Coming American Famine

The Cabal is destroying food at break neck speed

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The Cabal is destroying food supplies in many ways to bring famine to America - you will eat nothing and be happy.

What is the Ukraine War All About?

How Putin is supporting the new world order

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Putin is not a "good guy" or "white hat" as many of his admirers proclaim. He works for Jews with gusto. As such his Special Military Operation is designed to create a multi-polar world.

Who Is Playing Joe Biden?

The man portraying Biden is an impersonator

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The man playing Joe Biden on TV is a fake - an impersonator. We want to know who he is and why Biden is being faked.