The Truth About Q Anon

Q Anon is one of the most sophisticated intelligence operations in history. It is designed to destroy the so-called conservatives

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Q Anon is a DOD/DHS/CIA operation appealing to so-called conservatives to boil them like frogs. Q Anon's clairvoyance is nothing but deliberate planning to destroy America.

Germs Don't Kill

The germ and viral theories of pathogenesis are tawdry lies used to scare people into submission to tyrants

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The foundation of the "COVID" pandemic is that viruses and germs maim and kill. This idea is a lie born of the fraud of Louis Pasteur, the Lysenkoist fraud of the 19th century. Dr Robert Young sets the record straight.

The Present and Future Vaccine Holocaust

The pandemic of the "vaccinated" has not peaked

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The deaths from the bioweapon have not begun to peak. Millions of Americans will die over the coming year and most of them are being lied about by professional news fakers.

The Chronicle is Back

The American Chronicle has resumed publication on its own website after a long absence

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After the Satanists at CIA front company Google unpublished our articles, we decided to leave blogspot as we are not compatible with the Chinese communists or the British terrorists.