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Update on the Murder of Dorothy Kilgallen

Update on the Murder of Dorothy Kilgallen

Most JFK murder researchers are aware of Dorothy Kilgallen and her very strange death, knowing full well that it was not suicide – unless of course one means “suicide.” We just discovered that more people associated with her were wiped out as part of massive government crackdown on truth telling – including Jayne Mansfield.

Most JFK murder researchers are aware of Dorothy Kilgallen and her very strange death, knowing full well that it was not suicide – unless of course one means “suicide.” We have just discovered that more people associated with her were wiped out as part of a massive government crackdown on truth telling – including Jayne Mansfield.

Kilgallen was murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate on November 8, 1965 shortly after taping an episode of the popular CBS program What’s My Line? The murderers took her manuscripts and notes on the Kennedy assassination which she proclaimed would “blow the case wide open,” clearly indicating that the Warren Commission had covered up, rather than reveal the truth. And why should anyone have expected it tell the truth when its leaders, such Allen Dulles, were part of the coup which murdered the president?

Kilgallen scored a major coup when she was the only journalist to obtain an interview with Oswald assassin Jack Ruby. Ruby himself was deeply involved in the murder of the president, and apparently revealed information which exposed the lies of the Warren Commission Report.

As a reporter for the New York Journal-American, a national celebrity, and friends of people in high places, Kilgallen had the platform to make her reporting heard. She counted among her friends John Charles Daly who had the distinction of being broadcast on all 3 major networks in various roles,  and who was in turn married to the daughter of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren, Virginia Warren.

Among her collaborators were Jim Hunter and Jim Koethe, journalists for local newspapers. They all had developed as an important source Tom Howard, attorney for Jack Ruby.  They too met strange deaths. Hunter was murdered by police detective Creighton Williams in the Long Beach police station press room on April 23, 1964. He was sentenced to 3 years probation in one of those “Oops my bad” deals.

Koethe was murdered in his Dallas apartment after taking a shower by a karate expert who most likely was working for the Dallas Police Department. The Dallas District Attorney’s Office sprung into action by spreading rumors that Koethe was a homosexual as a means of intimidating the family into dropping the story. The story was baseless but the family got the hint and dropped its pursuit of justice.

Howard was murdered in March 1965 after suffering a “heart attack” at age 48. Even though he died in the hospital, no autopsy was performed.

The reason for these men's  murders becomes a little clearer when it is revealed that all 3 visited Ruby’s apartment after his arrest for murdering the framed Lee Oswald. Kilgallen obtained Ruby’s classified testimony to the Warren Commission in which he stated that he, J D Tippit, and Bernard Weismann met at the Carousel Club for 2 hours on November 14, 1963. Together these 4 reporters knew way too much for the good of the criminal Warren Commission.

In order to guarantee that no news of Kilgallen’s death would reach a national audience, President Johnson ordered a power blackout in New York City on November 9, 1965 just as the national evening news broadcasts began. The main point was to minimize any interest in her research about Kennedy’s murder since that is what she was working on when she was murdered. Suppressing suspicions of foul play was even more important, though if the junta had thought about it, most Americans wouldn't have raised an eyebrow.

One fact which the American junta did not want revealed was that Chief Justice Earl Warren was heavily involved in the cover-up of the presidential murder. In obtaining transcripts of Ruby’s classified testimony, Kilgallen discovered that Warren asked the most banal and useless of questions which did nothing to shed light on the conspiracy to murder the president or its actual execution..

Another close friend of Kilgallen’s was Florence Pritchett Smith, wife of former ambassador to Cuba, Earl Smith. Florence was a close friend of the Kennedy’s who was frequently invited to the White House to socialize with the first family. She died 2 days after her friend Dorothy, allegedly of cerebral hemorrhage, and after being reported ill for a couple of months.

We don’t buy the story largely because Smith had been entrusted with Kilgallen’s notes from her interview with Ruby. According to one source cited by the Wayne Madsen Report, Florence Smith’s notes were passed to Kilgallen’s friend Jayne Mansfield, the famous movie star and celebrity who was on her way to New Orleans in June 1967 to personally deliver the notes to Jim Garrison, but failed to reach her destination due to a “car crash” which took her life. The brief case containing the notes was taken from Mansfield’s car and never seen again.

Finally, Kilgallen’s husband, Broadway producer and actor Richard Kollmar died under very suspicious circumstances in January 1971, the exact date not being known. Thus we can conclude that he was murdered as well. He knew the contents of his wife’s investigations, and angrily refused to answer any questions about them knowing that any disclosures would seal his death.

Thus we see that the Bush Crime Syndicate undertook a major clean-up operation to silence the truth about the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. The city still burns with hate to this day, but the truth is out.


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