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The Jefferson-Hemings Hoax

The Jefferson-Hemings Hoax

Thomas Jefferson towers as a magnificent intellect at the founding of this nation, but his moral reputation has been impugned for over 2 centuries by allegations of miscegenation with his slave Sally Hemings. None of the allegations about Jefferson siring any children by her is true.

Thomas Jefferson towers as a magnificent intellect at the founding of this nation, but his moral reputation has been impugned for over 2 centuries by allegations of miscegenation with his slave Sally Hemings. None of the allegations about Jefferson siring any children by her is true.

Now for the more logically inclined, we would be safer to state that there is no basis for believing the allegations that Jefferson is the father of any of Sally Heming’s offspring. But given the flimsiness of the evidence, and considering its source, we feel justified is stating the point more forcefully.

The source of the allegations that Jefferson had a sexual affair with Hemings stems directly from James T Callender, a fugitive from justice in Great Britain who arrived in this country in 1793. His stock in trade was vicious invective against the political establishment, and later the Federalists before switching allegiance to them to spite Jefferson. Callender landed on these shores nearly penniless and was succored by many including Jefferson.

Because Callender’s writings were of some benefit to Jefferson, the writer felt that the president owed him a debt of gratitude when he asked for a position as postmaster in Richmond, a request which Jefferson denied. Incensed, Callender traded loyalties by working for a Federalist newspaper which he used to launch tirades against Jefferson, including the allegation in 1802 that he had an affair with Hemings.

One other event which cemented his antagonism towards Jefferson was his arrest and conviction for sedition which carried a fine of 200 dollars. When Jefferson became president, he declared the law unconstitutional and ordered the refund of Callender’s fine, but the miscreant never received the money, the whole of which embittered him toward Jefferson.

At the time, Jefferson denied the charges, preferring to let Divine Providence judge his accuser, an occurrence which happened in 1803 when Callender died in 3 feet of water while in a drunken stupor. Good riddance we say.

In later decades, Hemings offspring continued the oral tradition that Jefferson was their father, a belief based upon wishful thinking rather than fact. Nevertheless, this oral tradition formed the second pillar of the triad which supported the myth of Jefferson’s liaison with Hemings.

The most critical piece of evidence which the hoaxsters relied upon to substantiate their beliefs about Jefferson and Hemings was a DNA study sponsored by the allegedly prestigious Nature magazine, long known for its tendentious fake science articles buttressing its atheistic viewpoints.

Nature blared with a headline that Jefferson was in fact the father of Hemings children. Eight weeks later, the editors were forced to concede that the DNA tests did not prove any such thing. One major problem with the test is that it did not use any DNA samples from Jefferson’s descendants. Instead it used DNA from his uncle Field Jefferson’s descendants which is like comparing apples with oranges. That defect should have been enough for Nature to dismiss the study out of hand, but as we note, politics trumps science at that magazine.

Another major problem with the study is that there were at least 8 credible DNA donors in Virginia who could have logically sired the children. Indeed, modern scholars believe that Thomas’ brother Randolph was the most likely father of Heming’s children. Contemporary accounts note that he often cavorted with slaves, and partied with them until early in the morning – at least during the period between his first and second wives.

So bothersome was the allegation about Jefferson that The Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission convened with 12 eminent historians and academics to consider the full range of evidence – DNA, historical, anecdotal, and otherwise – purporting the Jefferson fathered children by Hemings. The overwhelming unanimous conclusion of the commission was that there was no evidence to substantiate the claim, although one dissenting scholar continued to adhere to the idea even after acknowledging the dearth of evidence.

The results of the study were updated in 2012 with the same findings, if not even more damaging to the thesis of the frauds. But this hasn’t kept such myths out of the halls of academe where it is taught in graduate courses at such places as Georgetown University which this author discovered in a conversation with an alumnus co-worker who adheres to this pseudo-history.

This fake history is the leitmotif of modern scholarship which is enamored with a religious view of history which leads its post-modern subscribers wherever their emotions take them. In the 20th century, they drink from the poisonous wells of multi-culturalism and diversity – don’t bother me with the facts.

It is so critical to the Jewish post-modern project to destroy the white race that any justification of miscegenation by America’s founding fathers must be found – indeed invented – to justify the multicultural religion of the false prophets.

The Jefferson-Hemings hoax is based upon lies and gossip – not history or science. Chose ye this day whom you will serve – the Jews or Truth.


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Copyright 2017 Tony Bonn

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