Ukraine War Exposes Jewish Lies as Total Frauds

Proof that the Holocaust Never Happened

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The Jewish support for Ukraine Nazis is total proof that the Holocaust was another hoax and lie of the drama queens. It also begins the long journey of rehabilitating Adolf Hitler and his National Socialism party.

"Vaccine" Mayhem in the Unfriendly Skies

"Vaccinated" Pilots Dying In Flight

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Airline and commercial pilots, stewards, and passengers have had strokes, heart attacks, and deaths during flights. The extensiveness of this problem has lead to massive flight cancelations and crashes. Flying is a hugely risky proposition.

We are republishing this article after CIA proprietary Google unpublished this article in October 2021.

The Roe v Wade Leaker

Sonia Sotomayer Leaks Pending Abortion Reversal

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Sources indicate that Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayer leaked the draft ruling from the Court overturning the historic Roe vs Wade decision of 1973.

Vax Populi: A Pandemic of the "Vaccinated"

Vaccines Kill

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This Chronicle was published in 2021, but censored by Jewish Communist CIA proprietary Google/Blogspot. We reproduce it here for posterity and for tumpeting the truth. Death rates from the bioweapon have skyrocketed as predicted. Please see our other Chronicles for corroborating information.